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‘Reno 911!’ Creators Taking Over 'The Wee McGinty'

Jan 06, 2011 | 9:15am EST

Tom LennonThomas Lennon has big balls. As anyone who has seen Reno 911! and his character Lt. Dangle can attest, the man is known to take risks (wearing bike shorts that surely come with certain circulatory restriction problems). His latest adventure is re-writing The Wee McGinty with fellow Reno sheriff deputy Robert Ben Garant. The duo (who co-created the show with Kerri Kenney-Silver) has a reputation as writers for hire for big studios, having penned Herbie: Fully Loaded and the Night at the Museum movies. But The Wee McGinty finds them back in the world of more adult oriented humor.

The story follows a leprechaun who loses his memory and takes residence with a group of Chicago firefighters. However, the other leprechauns don’t take kindly to that as they send in a group of militant leprechauns to take him back by force. Deadline teases part of the humor saying there will be a fire-breathing Doberman. Assuming they steer clear of the kid-friendly elements that a film about leprechauns could contain, this could be a delightfully silly movie. Reno 911! was a brilliant bit of satire and improv all rolled into one. I have my fingers extra crossed for this movie.

Source: Deadline

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