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David O. Russell and Vince Vaughn Tackle '2 Guns'

Jan 13, 2011 | 9:53am EST

David O. RussellFresh off the gritty Boston-based drama The Fighter and his subsequent Directors’ Guild nomination for best feature film, David O. Russell has his eye on something a little different. He’s in negotiations to direct and write an adaptation of the 2 Guns comic book.

The comic involves the DEA and the FBI, double-crossing, undercover missions, the mob, stealing money, unlikely team-ups, and plenty of “unexpected” twists. Is that enough going on for you? To make matters even more confusing, Vince Vaughn is set to star in the film about two government officials who unknowingly investigate the same crime. Since when could Vaughn play someone who could solve a big ol' national mystery? He's great as the sarcastic asshole who throws his famous little line ("I like where your head's at") into every movie, but I don't know that I buy him as a government sleuth.

This is definitely a gear shift for Russell, but his directorial catalogue is a little scattered, so I’m sure he’ll find the right way to take on the new project.

Source: Variety

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