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'Pirates' Scribe Will Return For Fifth Movie

Jan 14, 2011 | 6:28am EST

Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger TidesBefore the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie is even ready to set sail, Disney’s already on the hunt for the fifth installment’s crew. While Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides navigates its way through post production, execs have nabbed one half of the writing team that brought us four Pirates movies to date, Terry Rossio. They’ve not asked his partner in crime since 1992’s Aladdin to return – does this mean we’ve got a scapegoat for the multitude of missteps in Pirates of The Caribbean: At World’s End? (Because we need one; that movie had quite a few things that shouldn’t have made it as far as the first table read.)

Disney is apparently happy with the work that director Rob Marshall is doing with the fourth Pirates movie, because they’re also attempting to convince him to return for the fifth. There’s also a deal in the works for Johnny Depp to return as Jack Sparrow, but it’s far from being set in stone. I hope he doesn’t suddenly change his mind because without him, there is no movie. (Besides, he made The Tourist so how picky can he be? Give us a little more Jack, Johnny.)

Because of the post production madness, I’m sure we won’t know the fate of the next film for a little while longer, but at least we know the important fact, which is that they are concocting something for the pirate super saga.

Source: Deadline

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