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Joseph Gordon-Levitt In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ After All?

Feb 02, 2011 | 5:41am EST

Joseph Gordon-LevittYES! Josepeh Gordon-Levitt is in talks to join Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises! Ok, I have to remember to breath, but this is seriously awesome. JGL (and yes, I realize that this makes me seem like a subscriber to "Tiger", "Teen Beat" and "17") was one of the best parts of Inception and has been wowing critics and fans for years in a wide array of films, from Mysterious Skin to Brick to (500) Days Of Summer. He is a GREAT actor that instantly adds to any ensemble.

As for his role, mum’s the word. Purely speculating here, but he could be a villain. Anne Hathaway, after all, might not play Catwoman. The only thing that was announced was that she will play Selena Kyle, not Catwoman, but then again Aaron Eckhart was announced to play Harvey Dent. So the only confirmed villain we have is Tom Hardy’s Bane. There is potentially room for JGL to play a baddie, possibly even The Riddler (a rampant rumor ran with this idea last summer). Personally, I’d like to see JGL take the mantle from Batman. Not Robin, of course, but someone else. My guess is that Nolan will break Batman’s spine over Bane’s knee like in the comics and then have JGL take his place (as Nightwing?!) A long shot, I know, but it’s what I’m going with until further notice.

Source: Deadline

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