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Will Smith To Re-Tell The Story Of Job?

Feb 28, 2011 | 7:21am EST

Will SmithThere are bad ideas and then there are BAD ideas of biblical proportions. Generally, tales of the testament don't sit right with contemporary audiences, or at least mainstream contemporary audiences. But what if a legitimate superstar, a mainstream movie maven, were to topline a motion picture based on the terrible story of Job? Is that something that you'd be interested in seeing?

Sony seems to think you might be and so the studio has attached its prized stallion, Will Smith, to a new project that would re-tell the horrific story. The film comes from Oscar-nominated screenwriters Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson (The Fighter), who aim to make this untitled a dramedy. In their own words (from the Movie B.S. podcast of Eric Snider and Jeff Bayer) this is how they've described their take on the material:

"It’s about a man [living] the American dream. He’s got the nice house, white picket fence, great kids, great wife, nice cars. God and the Devil get together every thousand years to bet on a man’s life, and the fate of the world is at stake. What all of us get hit with in a lifetime, this man gets hit with in a week, and it’s about whether or not he can still pick himself up from that and survive it. It’s a dramedy. At its heart, it’s a comedy, but it’s got, obviously, a real dramatic core to it.”

From that description things don't sound so bad, but if you paid attention in Sunday School you also know that Job gets covered in boils while his house gets demolished among other peachy things. Doesn't exactly sound like a go-to project for Mr. Blockbuster, but if anybody can sell a faith-based picture in this day and age, it's Smith. Sony will continue to develop this risky picture while its star continues to shoot Men In Black 3D for a summer 2012 release.

Source: FSR

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