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Getting Excited for 'Sucker Punch'

Mar 02, 2011 | 6:37am EST

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Sucker PunchYesterday Warner Bros. lifted their press embargo on Sucker Punch and the movie blogosphere was flooded with set reports from Zack Snyder’s latest film. But I haven’t read any of them. Hell, I haven’t even glanced at any of them. Because who needs to read about someone else’s carefully curated time on set when books like Sucker Punch: The Art of the Film are already on store shelves? This beefy mofo is packed with page after page of luscious concept art, production sketches, CGI pre-renders, detailed model scans and a whole lot more. It might as well be a walk through Snyder’s set, it’s so dense with eye candy.

So based entirely on my time spent reading through Sucker Punch: The Art of the Movie, here are the top reasons I’m excited to see Snyder’s oddball fantasy flick about institutionalized girls who use their imagination to escape their physical prison. And just to save space on the list below, we can all safely assume that “Hot chicks kicking ass” is one of those reasons that really doesn’t require further elaboration.

Check out the Sucker Punch trailer.

Jon Hamm

I had entirely forgotten that Jon Hamm was even in Sucker Punch. I vaguely recall him being in the initial casting announcements for the flick, but he’s been so absent from all of the trailers and posters that his involvement faded entirely to the background. Until I was flipping through the section on character bios and saw a two page picture of Hamm looking like James Bond labeled “The High Roller.”

Judging from his actual character description, I’m assuming The High Roller is a small part of the film, but the fact that he’s played by Hamm has me instantly intrigued. It’s not just my love for Mad Men that fuels that intrigue, either. Sure, he’s perfect as Don Draper, but I actually most enjoy seeing Hamm play outside of that realm, be it in comedy (he was hilarious during his stint on 30 Rock and has nailed hosting SNL twice now) or thrillers (The Town, Stolen). His High Roller character sounds like he could be a bit of a swanky scumbag, so I’m actually hoping Hamm plays a creepy villain in Sucker Punch. But even if he doesn’t, I’m still all the more excited just to remember he’s even in the movie.

Samurai Holding a Gatling Gun

The image of a giant, hyper-stylized Samurai wielding a Gatling gun the size of a Buick has been used heavily in almost every trailer for Sucker Punch, but even having seen it in motion a number of times, I still marvel at how absolutely childish the image is-- and I mean that in the best possible way. Samurai with guns don’t make any sense. They’re the kind of anachronistic nonsense I’d imagine when playing with action figures as a kid, which is precisely why a look at the various weapons in Sucker Punch makes me feel like a kid again.

All too often directors want to make over the top action movies, but they themselves lack the imagination of what it was like to create original worlds and scenarios for the action to take place. They’ve forgotten what it was like to smash action figures together as a kid. Zack Snyder, on the other hand, clearly hasn’t and I love that. Will he pull it off? I have no idea, but it at least looks like he’s trying his damnedest to smash his toys together in glorious ways.

Sucker PunchNazi Zombies

Nazi zombies are like the bacon of the undead world. They’re a flavor that can be thrown in with any scenario to make it tasty. But they’re also hard to pull off. Even though they may be inherently more appealing simply because they’re Nazis, at the end of the day they’re still zombies, so unless you give them something unique beyond a costume change, they’re kind of pointless.

Thankfully Sucker Punch’s Nazi zombies look like they’ve got more going for them. Judging from the pictures here, they almost look like they’re the steampunk undead; like Hitler has literally reanimated his soldiers with grotesque wind-up technology. And if you were to ask me what a good time looks like, I’d tell you it looks like hot girls in crazy outfits gunning down and chopping up steampunk Nazi zombies.

Actually, no, I lied. I wouldn’t tell you that. I wouldn’t tell you that, because hot girls versus wind-up Nazi zombies is something that has never, ever popped into my head. But man do I love Zack Snyder for thinking about it.

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