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Universal Pictures Wants A 'Dirty Grandpa'

Mar 04, 2011 | 10:47am EST

Barry JosephsonUniversal Pictures has purchased a spec script from John Phillips called Dirty Grandpa, about a recently widowed older man who gets to know his grandson who is about to marry a girl who is not right for him. The studio has paired producer Barry Josephson (Enchanted) with the writer to spearhead development on the forthcoming film.

Based on that brief description, I can't help but compare this to CBS' somehow-surviving S#*! My Dad Says, a program that centers on a profrane father who regularly ridicules his son and most everything and everyone else. I'm not saying that the concept is terrible; in theory an outrageous older gentleman is not only ripe with comedic potential but also relatable, as we all have that older guy (Uncle, Grandpa, etc.) at our Thansgiving dinner table who is somewhat undesirable. But it hasn't worked, from a qualitative standpoint, for Bill Shatner and the S#*! crew. Here's hoping Universal has something better on the table.

Source: Deadline

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