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First Images From Spielberg’s ‘War Horse’

Mar 11, 2011 | 8:22am EST

Looks like we have the first image from Steven Spielberg’s latest epic War Horse. And in case you were wondering if the title was a metaphor for something, it's not. Judging from the still it appears that the movie will have horses and involve war somehow. Good to know!

Anyway, the film sounds like it can’t be serious, but apparently it totally is. A British boy (newcomer Jeremy Irvine) enlists to fight in WWI after his favorite horse is shipped off to the front lines. It's based on a successful play which was itself based on a successful book and considering the pedigree of the filmmaker, it’ll probably be a successful movie, too. On the acting front, and seen in the picture below from left to right, is the best-named actor in Britain and also the star of Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch, Patrick Kennedy, and Thor’s Tom Hiddleston. War Horse opens in the US on December 28th.


War Horse New Images

War Horse New Images

War Horse New Images

Source: Cinema Blend

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