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‘X-Men’ Writer To Pen ‘Dragonflight’ Adaptation

Apr 13, 2011 | 7:47am EDT

David HayterDavid Hayter, the guy behind the good X-Men movies X-Men and X-2 (not to mention the better draft of the Watchmen screenplay), has been tapped to write the adaptation of the classic fantasy novel Dragonflight. For those precious few unfamiliar with the 1968 book, it follows a princess who has to escape after her entire family is murdered. Soon after she is charged with becoming telepathically linked to a great dragon and defeating the bad guys.

Sound familiar? The whole telepathically-linked-dragon-riding bit screams Eragon, which will no doubt cause a lot of fanboys to take arms. Of course, there were probably some Dragonflight fanboys who took arms after Eragon came out considering DF was published in ‘68 and Eragon was written by a 15 year-old kid. Oh, nerds. Always fighting. Why can’t they just like sports and fight over that like the rest of us?

Source: ComingSoon

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