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Patrick Warburton Joins Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Ted’

Apr 20, 2011 | 6:41am EDT

Patrick WarburtonWell, this just seems right. Patrick Warburton is the voice of Officer Joe Swanson on Family Guy and since Seth MacFarlane likes working with the same people, he’s hired him to join the cast of Ted. The film, if you may recall, finds Mark Wahlberg as a grown man with a teddy bear he wished to life as a kid. The bear, voiced by MacFarlane, is profane, loud and getting in the way of his relationship with girlfriend Mila Kunis. Remember when I said MacFarlane likes working with the same people? I wasn’t kidding. Apparently he had Warburton in mind from the beginning because Deadline reports that they have read the script (the first thing they have read in several years, if I had to guess) and the character was described as a “burly, Patrick Warburton type.” Bet that was the easiest audition ever.

Anyway, Warbuton will play a sexually confused co-worker of Wahlberg’s at a car rental agency. Sounds good enough for me. Should be awesome.

Source: Deadline

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