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'Battle: Los Angeles' Coming to Blu-ray

May 02, 2011 | 1:44pm EDT

Battle LAL.A. haters get ready, because the city is destroyed yet again by aliens in Battle: Los Angeles and soon you'll be able to take home your very own copy and watch it all in crisp, high definition. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release the Blu-ray on June 14 and you'll have the chance to check out Aaron Eckhart's chin dimple in vivid high def. Score. The film also stars Michelle Rodriguez and Ne-Yo.

It looks like the disc won't be short on special features. It includes this ridiculously long list of alien-tastic features:

Acting with AliensBehind The BattleBuilding the AliensCreating L.A. in LAPreparing for BattleShooting the AliensBoot CampDirecting the BattleThe Freeway BattleStaff Sergeant NantzMarines Behind The ScenesAliens Ambush The MarinesBattling Unknown ForcesTechnical Sargent SantosAlien AutopsyGas Station ExplosionVisual FX on the FreewayDo You Believe in Aliens?Alien Command & ControlSource: Blu-ray News

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