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‘Glee’ Concert Film Coming Your Way In 3D

May 04, 2011 | 10:58am EDT

Glee sucksDoes anyone know where I can get a wholesale size can of beans because I’m pretty sure the end times are upon us. Fox has just announced that Glee Live! 3D! will hit theaters this August 12, which leaves plenty of time for you to stock up on fresh water and shotgun shells. The 3D film will chronicle one of the massively popular touring shows that Glee's original cast is staging and yes, they will all be featured in the film. Thankfully, the movie will only run for two weeks but zombies have been known to take over entire countries in less time. I would say they’re close to beating a dead horse, but if you keep hitting it you guarantee it won’t come back to life. May the lord have mercy on our souls as the Apocalypse descends forth from this motion picture.

Source: Deadline

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