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Jay Baruchel Commits To Two More Writing Projects

May 05, 2011 | 7:07am EDT

Jay BaruchelSo apparently, Jay Baruchel likes to write. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor -- who's probably best known as that dude having panic attacks in Knocked Up -- just finished filming the upcoming comedy he co-wrote called Goon and has already signed on for two more projects: an adaptation of Kickstart Comics' Random Acts of Violence and Summit Entertainment's Exorcism Diaries. He'll work with his writing partner Jesse Chabot on both.

The first, Random Acts of Violence, tells the story of two comic book creators who develop a character named Slasherman to unexpected success, but that success spins out of control when their creation takes on a life of its own. Meanwhile, the other couldn't be more of an opposite: Exorcism Diaries centers on a reporter investigating an exorcism but quickly finds herself in the middle of the story (strangely sounding similar to The Exorcism of Emily Rose).

Honestly, both of these films sound like tired rehashes of past projects in their respective genres, but I have confidence in Baruchel. He's a funny guy and although we haven't heard what his writing is like on the screen yet, I'm fairly certain he knows what he's doing. Take a look at all the successful productions he's been involved in: How to Train Your Dragon, Million Dollar Baby, Tropic Thunder, Almost Famous and plenty more. So, you know, that doesn't really happen without people recognizing your talent.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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