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A 'Something Borrowed' Sequel is Already in the Works

May 10, 2011 | 9:49am EDT

Something BorrowedThe original may not be that great -- just check out our review or the 15 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes -- but producers are already looking to go on to the sequel to Something Borrowed.

This makes a little sense because the book the film is based on has a sequel called Something Blue, so it's got a built-in natural progression. Still, it's a little odd, because apparently the second installment follows the cartoonish and rather bitchy friend, Darcy (Kate Hudson). While that may work for the books, I'm not sure Kate Hudson has the chops to turn that sort of character around. She great for the one-note bubbly, lovable girl or the bubbly, not-so-lovable bitch. For her to strike a middle ground and win folks over is a tall order.

The sequel would find Darcy reuniting with nice guy Ethan (John Krasinski), who hates her in Something Borrowed, so they could fall in love like "When Harry Met Sally, in London," producer Molly Smith told Movieline. As poorly as this film was received critically speaking, we should acknowledge that many of the folks going to see it are fans of the original Emily Giffin books, so they've already got a built-in audience. Also, as long as this film does alright (I'd say fourth place at the beginning of the summer movie season is just alright), there aren't too many things that would keep someone from making this already cast and mostly developed flick. Well crap.

Source: Movieline

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