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Rachel Weisz In Talks For New ‘Bourne’ Movie

May 11, 2011 | 7:45am EDT

rachel weiszSeems like everyone wants Rachel Weisz in their huge spectacle movie. First she was in talks to star alongside James Franco and Mila Kunis in one of the 3,542,673 sequels/prequels/threequels/squeequels/ of the Wizard of Oz currently in development. Now it is being reported that she is negotiating for the female lead in the The Bourne Legacy, which has Jeremy Renner filling in for Matt Damon. In this spin-off, Renner is another secret spy that is apparently MORE dangerous than Bourne ever was, which begs the question of why we ever followed Bourne to begin with. If he wasn’t the most awesome assassin why waste our time with three movies about him? We demand only the best! Which is why they’re apparently going after Rachel Weisz.

But this sounds like a solid plan to me. Rachel Weisz > Julia Stiles any day.

Source: Deadline

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