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Eric Stonestreet Joins ‘Loft’

May 11, 2011 | 11:58am EDT

eric stonestreetLoft is one of the darker and headier films currently in production. It follows a group of five married men who rent a loft to sleep with their mistresses, but things go wrong when they find an unknown woman dead in their rented space. Paranoia and deception sets in until, basically, The Apartment meets murder. Sounds awesome, especially with Patrick Wilson and James Marsden already signed on to star.

Now we can add Modern Family standout Eric Stonestreet and Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller to the cast. Surprised to see Stonestreet in such a dark affair? I bet you thought he was gay too. Anyway, great additions to a promising film. Hopefully it’ll live up to it’s Loft-y aspirations. Don’t worry. My head is hung in shame.

Source: Variety

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