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‘Take Shelter’ Wins Top Prize At Cannes Critics Week

May 20, 2011 | 7:50am EDT

michael shannonWell, it’s been an interesting Cannes Film Festival this year. Between directors getting themselves kicked out for calling themselves Nazi's and... actually, that’s all you need to make a film festival interesting. But now we’ve got a crowned film reigning victorious!

Take Shelter took home the Grand Prix award. While not the top prize at the shindig, it is the second highest honor a film can take from the festival. Shelter comes from Jeff Nichols and stars Boardwalk Empire's Michael Shannon. Dark and apocalyptic, it’s exactly the kind of film you would expect to take home an award at a major French film festival. Not that it isn’t a good movie, but c’mon, did you really expect Lars Von Trier's movie to take home the top prize?

Source: IndieWire

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