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Ethan Hawke Has a Huge Monologue in 'Total Recall'

May 20, 2011 | 11:09am EDT


Ethan HawkeWe recently learned that Ethan Hawke would make a cameo appearance in the upcoming remake of Total Recall -- and now we're learning that he's gonna really, really stretch that moment out. According to Vulture, who caught up with him at a party last night, the actor said he had to leave the party to "Learn the lines. It's a five-page monologue … Yeah, it's great. It's really good." When asked if he was playing a recognizable character, Hawke grinned and said, "I don't know…" So basically, he's gonna give a speech or something, maybe as political figure? Or maybe just a really long and extended appreciation of that three-breasted woman.

At the party, Hawke also talked about his dismal hopes for his new television show Exit Strategy that was, surprisingly, nowhere to be found in Fox's upfronts announcement this week. "I'd be surprised if anyone ever sees that show. I really don't know about TV. I have no idea. It's all still new to me. It's a total mystery."

Source: Vulture

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