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'Real Steel' Poster Debuts

May 23, 2011 | 7:57am EDT

Real Steel -- the movie that's going to take Dr. Cox's hate for Hugh Jackman to a whole new level -- just debuted its poster and unsurprisingly, it's pretty comical. Honestly, how could something with a budget of $80 million have a poster as terrible as this? That "fist" looks like a giant sock puppet or something. And then, of course, the tagline: "Champions aren't born. They're made." Seriously.

Of course, the movie -- which tells the near-future set story of a former boxer and absentee father who finds a boxing robot with his estranged son -- sounds like it might receive a few unintentional laughs already, so don't feel too bad about snickering. Real Steel hits theaters on October 7.


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