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King Kong Finds New Life At Fox Animation

Jun 07, 2011 | 12:23pm EDT

King KongI guess King Kong is one of those characters who'll continually have his story retold until the end of time, because now, Fox Animation wants to take a crack at the giant ape. That's right, the two films from 1933, the crossover with Godzilla from 1962, the one with a Mechani-Kong from 1967, the Jeff Bridges one from 1976, the Linda Hamilton one from 1986, and the 2005 version starring Jack Black and directed by epic-guru Peter Jackson weren't enough. Clearly, we need an animated movie about the overgrown ape. Clearly.

Not only will Fox's version be animated, but they're adding another tiny twist: the movie is told from the ape's perspective. Duhn-duhn-duhn. Is this going to be a kinder-gentler Kong? Will we have a better understanding about how it's hard out there for a giant, hairy animal? Are we going to see what he writes in his giant ape diary? Okay, I'm getting a little carried away, but you get the point.

Black Listers Christian Magalhes and Bob Snow (Murder of a Cat) are set to put a modern spin on the story based on Mike Weber's version. So, maybe it will be a very touching tale of courage in the face of little tiny people who just don't understand. Just please, please don't make it a talking ape. PLEASE.

Source: Deadline

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