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Adam Scott Joins Two More Comedies, Hooray!

Jun 10, 2011 | 12:07pm EDT

adam scottIf Parks and Rec is amazing, then by some mathematical transitive property equation stuff we are able to conclude that Adam Scott is amazing by association. Or something.

Anyway, Scott just joined the cast of My Mother’s Curse and See Girl Run. The former puts him alongside Seth Rogen and Barbara Streisand as a mother-son duo traveling across country in an attempt to see the son’s invention and reunite his mother with a lost love. In the latter he’ll play a hometown hero that stuck around his hometown and a girl he used to date (or something) goes back to all her former flames for some “what-ifs.” Both sound pretty good.

Dan Fogelman wrote Curse (say what?) and Streisand inclusion seems pretty interesting. Scott will more than likely just have a bit part as one stop on their cross-country journey. And his part in Run (written and directed by Nate Meyer) sounds about the same. But either way, it means more Scott on the big screen now, hit the high notes!

Source: Hollwood Reporter

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