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Oscars Shake Up Best Picture Nominations

Jun 15, 2011 | 5:50am EDT

the oscarsWell, that was a fun experiment. For the past two years the Academy went all old school and instituted a rule saying there would be 10 nominees for the Best Picture Oscar. It was a callback to the glory days of the 30s and 40s when there would sometimes be up to 12 nominees. But now the Academy is changing the rules once again. From now on, at least 5 films will be nominated but that number can be increased up to 10, just as long as the films have at least 5% of the first place votes from Academy members. I guess keeping things rigid like that was too much work (also probably explains The Kids Are All Right nomination -- SICK BURN, bro) and since everyone in Hollywood is pretty fluid to begin with, they probably wanted fewer restrictions.

But the Academy is also being silly and secretive about the whole thing too. They won’t tell us how many films have been nominated for Best Picture until the day of the nomination announcements. They like to let the pressure and the guessing constantly build up until it becomes almost too much and it's finally released at the very end. Wow, that got weird for a second.

Source: ComingSoon

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