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Hugh Jackman to Play Lead in 'Les Mis' Movie?

Jun 16, 2011 | 6:51am EDT


Hugh JackmanYou have no idea how many incredibly, emasculatingly specific references to Les Misérables I am forcing myself to resist making right now. I spent a year of college surrounded by diehard New England hockey fans—really violently obsessive people. And their devotion does not come close to that of your average Broadway aficionado. Such is why, in the transition to film, followers of the original manifestation are often disappointed. To the point of maniacal outrage. But no one can take issue with Hugh Jackman playing Les Misérables hero Jean Valjean.

Tom Hooper—who cranked out that little indy project you vaguely recall hearing about, The King’s Speech—is directing the musical adaptation, and offered the lead role to Jackman. The actor might me most commonly associated with his X-Men work, but his versatility is unequivocal. Jackman played the lead in a TV movie version of another famous musical, Oklahoma! In 1999. And did you see him on The Tonys? If you’re reading this article, then yes. You did. And it was piquant (still doing it).

So, combining an actor so talented that a sitcom dedicated a multi-season running joke to how envious they were of him with one of the most successful and popular Broadway musicals of all time? Top it off with a director whose film swept this year’s Oscars? My life has granted the dream I dreamed.

Source: NY Mag

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