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Warren Beatty Will Write, Direct & Star in New Film

Jun 21, 2011 | 5:59am EDT

Warren BeattyHere are some things I never knew about Warren Beatty: he was in the 1959 show Dobie Gillis that my dad is always talking about. He has a writing credit on Chris Rock’s Down to Earth. And he’s still doing things.

After a decade of non-involvement with cinema, Beatty is taking on a new comedy as writer, director, producer and star. Paramount’s CEO Brad Grey couldn’t be more excited about the film. It’s actually a little unhealthy.

Beatty has previously worn four hats in 1998’s Bulworth, 1981’s Reds and 1978’s Heaven Can Wait, and played writer, producer and star in 1990’s Dick Tracy—for which he’s kept a sequel in limbo for suspicious reasons.

So, be it about rapping politicians or communism—I can’t see him springing something else on us—Beatty’s new film is sure to… happen.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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