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Chris Hemsworth Returning For 'Thor 2' Without Kenneth Branagh

Jun 30, 2011 | 12:33pm EDT

Chris Hemsworth ThorIt seems that Thor's hammer served Disney and Marvel well. They're re-upping for another installment of the blonde hero's adventures. Thor 2 will see Chris Hemsworth as the thunder god once more, but Thor's director, Kenneth Branagh is sitting this round out.

Though Branagh is done with calling the shots on the Thor set, Deadline reports he'll likely retain some producing credit and that his departure was "amicable." It would have to be when your film raked in over $400 million worldwide -- you can't have too many complaints there. Disney is eying a summer 2013 release for the sequel, but no official date is selected just yet. So, that leaves the director and the release date up in the air. We already know that Iron Man 3 will hit in May 2013, so it's unlikely they'll put the two premieres too close together. Perhaps a late Summer release is in the works.

That's all we really know for now, but isn't the fact that Thor will be back enough for you?

Source: Deadline

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