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Hill and Wahlberg to Kick Butt, Make Us Laugh in 'Good Time Gang'

Jul 08, 2011 | 4:40am EDT

Jonah HillThese days, action and comedy have been melding prevalently among the main clique of funny guys in Hollywood. It started with Pineapple Express, progressed through The Other Guys, and will be manifesting in the form of the upcoming 21 Jump Street, starring Jonah Hill. Now, further contributing to this series, Hill is set to star in Good Time Gang with Mark Wahlberg.

Good Time Gang is a “buddy mercenary” movie—they have a section for that on Netflix, right?—wherein Hill and Wahlberg, a pair of fun-loving hired guns, get attached to a terrorist assassination that inspires conflict when one of the two title characters realize he is related to one of the terrorists they are hired to kill.

Max Landis, currently working on a Frankenstein film (reportedly from the perspective of Igor) for Fox, wrote the script.

Wahlberg will also be seen in the upcoming projects Contraband opposite Kate Beckinsale, Three Mississippi opposite Will Ferrell and Ted opposite a stuffed animal.

Source: Collider

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