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Johnny Depp Goes Serious with 'In the Hand of Dante'

Jul 11, 2011 | 9:48am EDT

Julian SchnabelJohnny Depp’s attachment to a project so palpably meta as In the Hand of Dante is quite overdue for the actor whose lifeblood is the offbeat. Depp, while working with director Julian Schnabel on Before Night Falls, brought the project to his interest.

In the Hand of Dante is a novel by Nick Tosches about Nick Tosches undergoing the humors and tragedies of a 21st Century New York City in a parallel plotline examining an age-old story by Dante Alighieri about Dante Alighieri undergoing the humors and tragedies of a 14th Century Sicily—also, Hell.

Depp and Schnabel are both interested in developing a film adaptation together (Depp holds the rights to the novel), but Schnabel insists the film won’t be underway for a couple of years.

In more immediate news, Schnabel’s 2010 Miral will become available on Blu-Ray tomorrow, July 12.

Source: The Playlist

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