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Real World: Hogwarts

Jul 15, 2011 | 4:57am EDT

Sure, the Harry Potter series has depth, heart and intelligence, but you know what it's absolutely chocked full of? Drama. Lots and lots of drama. And where does drama fit perfectly? Reality television. Just check out the proof below; the series has it all. Romance, jealousy, obsession, blame-shifting, oh my! So, for the sake of our last big push for Potter, enjoy what we like to call Real World: Harry Potter.


Ron on his relationship with Hermione:

Real World Harry Potter Ron on Hermione

Catty Comments

Hermione on having to dress like Bellatrix:

Real World Harry Potter hermione


Harry confronting Snape at Hogwarts:

Real World Harry Potter harry


Bellatrix on her emphatic devotion to Voldemort:

Real World Harry Potter Bellatrix

Helicopter Parenting

Lucious' reservations about Voldemort's plan for Draco:

Real World Harry Potter lucious

WTF Moments

Snape discovering that Harry's sneaked into Hogwarts:

Real World Harry Potter Snape

Blame Shifting

Draco defends himself after his attempt on Dumbledore:

Real World Harry Potter Draco


Even Voldemort can be a bit insecure:

Real World Harry Potter Voldemort

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