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Exclusive: 'Spy Kids 4' Clip Amps Up the Action

Jul 29, 2011 | 6:05am EDT

ALTDirector Robert Rodriguez has plenty of violent, fantastical projects in the works—his panel at this year's Comic-Con was one gasp-worthy announcement after another—but before he gets to his adult-centric spectacles, he's decided to take another spin with his original kids franchise, Spy Kids.

The original Spy Kids movies were like big screen versions of those sugar cereal-induced hallucinations you had while watching Saturday morning cartoons as a kid (you had those right? that wasn't just me, right??) and the latest, Spy Kids: All the Time in the World looks like another round of playful mayhem.

The series has been revitalized with an all new cast (featuring two new kids, Jessica Alba and Community's Joel McHale), but the Rodriguez's eye for action remains intact. Take a look at this exclusive clip from the movie, featuring a fresh-faced Mason Cook punching up some goons with a power glove that reminds me how far we've come since The Wizard.

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