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Matt Dillon Joins the Cast of 'Imogen'

Aug 09, 2011 | 8:42am EDT

Matt DillonThis is a very bittersweet article for me. You see, the final major role for the Kirsten Wiig passion project Imogen has been cast. And while I approve of the choice, it also means I will no longer be able to write articles about Imogen. Detailing the inclusions of Darren Criss as Kristen Wiig's love interest and Natasha Lyonn as a Seaside boardwalker with a romance arc have been the high points of my career so far; seriously, if you haven't already committed to how amazing this movie will be, then I recommend an intense examination of your values.

Moving right along: Matt Dillon has been cast as a love interest for Annette Bening, who plays Wiig's boorish mother. Reportedly, Dillon's character will be eccentric (at best), and will tout claims of CIA work that viewers are expected to take with a grain of salt.

Matt Dillon's M.O. is the shifty type. His dramatic flare for the sort was exhibited in Drugstore Cowboy and The Outsiders, and his more comical take on the sleazeball character was solidified in There's Something About Mary. Imogen seems to intend to take advantage of Dillon's expertise, with a new spin of mental instability. Win-win.

And so, Imogen, I send you off for now. I cannot wait for you to materialize. And to those who question my dedication, I say only this: from the directors of American Splendor, starring the leading female in American Beauty, and featuring a memorable player from American Pie... to not love this movie would be simply unpatriotic.

Source: Indiewire

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