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New 'Footloose' Poster Reveals Whose Time It Is

Aug 15, 2011 | 9:36am EDT

This really is our time. What could be more invigorating to see on a Footloose poster? Imagine, if you will, this generation. A generation of aftermath. We've lived in the post era: all the classics have come before us. All the revolutions predate us. And among those classics, those revolutions, those times to be had, one stands with foremost prominence: Footloose. Footloose was a time we have so ardently envied. We thought, "Sure woulda been nice to have that time." To understand what it would even be to be part of a time. But this time... this time, this time is our time. It's time. It's finally time. FOOTLOOSE.

Check out the very timely and extremely steamy trailer for this generation's uprising: Footloose.


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