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'Real Steel' Featurette Shows the Nuts and Bolts of Robot Boxing

Aug 23, 2011 | 8:48am EDT

here we have a detailed look at the ins and outs of robot boxing. The folks behind Real Steel released a featurette highlighting the behind-the-scenes effects in the upcoming film. Stars Hugh Jackman and Evangeline Lilly discuss the processes by which the robots are brought to life for the movie, including motion-capture film-work that involves real life boxers (including Sugar Ray Leonard—seriously, the Sugar Ray Leonard mo-capped as a boxing robot). Jackman and Levy also discuss the story behind the film: former boxer Jackman is looking for "one last chance" to prove that he's got what it takes, while wife Lilly insists he's got "nothin' left!" It's something we've all been through. Also, there are robots. Click the poster image below the video to see more images from the Real Steel gallery. The film premieres October 7.


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