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All-Star 'Gangster Squad' Casts Nick Nolte

Aug 29, 2011 | 7:53am EDT

Nick NolteHow many people have already gotten Gangster Squad tattoos? Named their pets and children after cast members or their respective characters? Added 'track down the film set' to their bucket lists? Rough estimate: the low thousands. And that's not nearly enough. In recent best-film-in-cinema-history-news, Nick Nolte has joined the Gangster Squad cast.

Nolte isn't just playing any old crooked cop, malicious mobster or didactic detective. Instead, the veteran actor will be taking on the venerable role as head of the titular police force that is bent on taking down criminal kingpin Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn). Nolte's character is Bill Parker: new Los Angeles police chief and a unique recipient of the title, in that he is not on Cohen's payroll. The character is furthermore a Normandy war hero. Nolte's Parker will found the Gangster Squad, which will be comprised of Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin and others.

As more and more good news on Gangster Squad materializes, it sort of leaves other films seeming bleak and pointless by comparison. Could this movie single-handedly destroy the industry of cinema? Will we be so spoiled after the release of this colossal spectacle that no other movie, not even our old favorites, could ever be enjoyed again? Possibly. And you know what? Fine. It's worth it. Bring on the Squad.

Source: Deadline

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