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Try to Figure Out What Kind of Movie Anna Paquin's 'Margaret' Is

Sep 01, 2011 | 8:10am EDT

So what is Margaret, exactly?

Let's take a look at the first trailer:

OK, so a girl (Anna Paquin incognito) calls up a guy and awkwardly suggests that he take her virginity. OK, it's a quirky teen sex comedy.

But she's running to catch the bus... but the driver isn't letting her on. Is this going to be one of those Bubble Boy-esque zany road comedies, where she overcomes ostacles to race toward her destination? Because I am okay with that.

Oh, wait. The driver is Mark Ruffalo. He must be a significant character. And he's kind of flirting with her. Maybe this isn't a sex comedy after all, but an offbeat romance between a young girl and a wayward thirtysomething.

Uh oh! He just accidentally ran over some woman. Okay, I guess we can discount any of the ideas listed so far...this is not a comedy. But what is it? A horror? Will the spirit of this woman haunt the girl?

No. At least not literally. But she is overcome with grief. So, is this an examination of the human experience of guilt? Possibly. But wait a sec, Matt Damon just kissed her. And he's her teacher!

Maybe this is a May-December romance after all...but a much darker one. But that can't be the primary focus, here. This girl is looking for a release from this guilt. She is losing her grip. Failing her tests (it seems B- is worthy of a "See me" now). She can't take it anymore. Oh, and there's Matthew Broderick with a literary allusion to tie in the title.

Margaret is the brainchild of playwright/filmmaker Kenneth Lonergan and has been sitting on the shelf for a few years. Now, with a fresh cut, supervised by director Martin Scorsese, the movie will finally see release September 30. Will it be a fantastic exploration into the human condition with plenty of tonal flourishes or an assemblage of something that never quite clicked in the first place? We'll just have to wait and see.

For now, here's the first Margaret poster:


Source: Indiewire

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