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Veteran TV Actor Gerald McRaney Joins 'Django Unchained'

Sep 14, 2011 | 5:56am EDT


Gerald McRaneyIt's safe to assume that when Quentin Tarantino was a kid, he probably watched a good deal of television—specifically, particularly stylized (and violent) television. And while he was growing up on Hawaii Five-O, The Incredible Hulk, The Streets of San Francisco, Police Woman, The Six Million Dollar Man, CHiPs, The Blue Knight, The Rockford Files, Logan's Run, The Dukes of Hazzard and Sheriff Lobo, he might have, if even subsconsciously, formed a staunch affection for one common thread: Gerald McRaney. Thus, McRaney has been cast in Tarantino's latest profundity, Django Unchained.

McRaney, most familiar for his own detective series Simon & Simon, early '90s family sitcom Major Dad, and, most recently, a stint on Deadwood, is clearly well-versed in television acting (especially in law enforcement series). Although he is not particularly known for film, Tarantino has a habit of imploding all our preconceived notions. As it was pointed out to me once, who expected John Travolta to be legendary in Pulp Fiction?

Also in Django Unchained "news," Samuel L. Jackson is officially onboard now. Of course, no one was really worried that he'd drop out at the last minute. But it's nice to have it all on paper.

So, with Jamie Foxx as a vigilante former slave, Christoph Waltz as his bounty hunting partner, Leonardo DiCaprio as a vicious plantation owner, Kevin Costner as DiCaprio's equally vindictive "slave trainer," and Samuel L. Jackson as DiCaprio's right-hand man, McRaney is joining a mind-blower of a cast.

Just thinking about how good this movie is going to be gives me the shakes.

Source: Variety via Comingsoon

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