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Aaron Eckhart to Play the Monster in 'I, Frankenstein'

Oct 07, 2011 | 8:49am EDT

Aaron EckhartIt was bound to happen eventually. Vampire craze, zombie craze, something of a werewolf Frankenstein craze. The latest Frankensteinian development is I, Frankenstein: a story of Mary Shelly's monster surviving for centuries and living to see an age-old warfare between two immortal societies. If you're not really on board with that, there is some good news: Aaron Eckhart will play the role of Frankenstein's monster ("Adam").

Yeah, it's hard to picture Aaron Eckhart as grotesque. A lot of us even found it hard to accept him as minorly shlubby in Meet Bill...although it might be inaccurate to assume that a group described as 'a lot of us' actually saw Meet Bill.

But Eckhart as an adept performer. He did pull off half-monstrous in The Dark Knight with a hefty sum of excellence. So why not go the whole nine yards this time?

Now,you might be thinking, that the presence of other types of superhuman monsters running societies could go against the point of the original novel. But as the film's director and writer Stuart Beattie (who contributed to the scripts of each of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies) has said, "Mary Shelly's story is about the creation of the first human being. This is the story about that being becoming human." It seems like the man intends to stay loyal to the spirit of Shelly's character. Even if this new world is not one we ever expected Frankenstein's monster to wind up in, that doesn't mean it is a direct contrast to anything we have derived from Shelly's literature.

Source: Comingsoon

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