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Steve Jobs Tried to Get Aaron Sorkin to Write a Pixar Movie

Oct 10, 2011 | 9:19am EDT

Aaron SorkinAs usual, the fate of the world rests Aaron Sorkin's hands. He has a choice: carry out the wishes of a dear, departed visionary and produce what could become one of the finest pieces of film we might ever see...or not.

Steve Jobs' death inspired Sorkin to write a small "In Memorium" piece about his relationship with the monumental thinker. You may know that Jobs was heavily involved with Pixar, one of the most celebrated production companies of our time. Apparently, the last conversation Jobs and Sorkin had concerned Jobs' desire to see Sorkin write a Pixar movie.

Sorkin resisted. According to, Sorkin was apprehensive about "ruining" Pixar's golden streak with an unworthy script; his personal stake in the matter exists in that his young daughter is a huge Pixar fan (as are all young daughters...and all people), and he didn't want to ruin the company's legacy for her and her age group.

But Jobs was persistent. He even invited Sorkin to use that very theme to fuel the story for a Pixar movie. However, Sorkin remained unwilling. His friend's passing, however, seems to have edged him closer to the possibility. JoBlo quotes Sorkin as stating, "I still keep thinking about that Pixar movie."

Pixar's masterwork is daunting, so it's understandable that a screenwriter might not feel comfortable creating a film about the company. However, this is Aaron Sorkin, a guy whose writing is so stimulating and intelligent that just mentioning that you're a fan of his makes you feel smarter than anyone else in the room  --which they all pick up on, by the way. Sorkin wrote many celebrated films, among them: A Few Good MenThe Social Network and Moneyball. Additionally, he created the acclaimed television series The West Wing. Really, Sorkin, we all know you're good. And we all know you know you're good. So what's the holdup?


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