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'The Grey' Poster Promises Liam Neeson Either Living...or Dying

Oct 19, 2011 | 6:21am EDT

A new poster has arrived for Joe Carnahan's (A-Team) latest, The Grey, in which Liam Neeson punches wolves in the face.

The first trailer was pretty sparse on details other than the aforementioned animal violence, but frankly, if I get to watch Liam Neeson once again redefine machismo for two hours—with his ferocious grunting and penchant for turning tiny bottles of liquor into the perfect knuckle weapon—then I'll be happy. There isn't a terrible amount of fist fighting in the one-sheet, but it does do a good job of selling Neeson as a guy who could fight wolves. With his hands. And eyes.

The Grey hits January 27, 2012.


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