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New 'Red Tails' Trailer Makes Your Expectations Soar

Oct 19, 2011 | 9:20am EDT

This past weekend, sat in on an exciting New York Comic Con panel for the upcoming Lucasfilms movie Red Tails. Since then, we've been more than a little excited for the historical adventure film, which is about the first black soldiers to fly for the American army: the Tuskegee Airmen. Anthony Hemingway directs this World War II epic, which he embraced as both an important tale about a groundbreaking group of heroes, and as an adventure movie that should be fun and exciting. Both of these values are present in the new trailer, which depicts all the fast flying, bench marking and Hitler hating one could ask for.

The film's sparkling cast includes Cuba Gooding, Jr., Michael B. Jordan, Terrence Howard, Nate Parker, Method Man and Bryan Cranston. Red Tails reaches theaters on Jan. 20.

Red Tails Trailer

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Source: Spike
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