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Ben Affleck to Direct Matt Damon in Gangster Biopic

Oct 24, 2011 | 9:57am EDT

SurveysIt is often the journalist's challenge to relay stories that are inherently personal, and as such unique in connotation to everyone who might read them, in a universally appropriate fashion. While I do not proclaim myself to be a journalist, I still understand the importance of this challenge.

Beyond being an incredibly personal story, Good Will Hunting is an incredibly personal experience. Everyone has their own unique attachments to the movie. And although they vary in degree and in nature, their existence in regard to just about every one of us is a consistency. For thirteen years, we've been hunting for the cure of our Matt Damon/Ben Affleck withdrawal. And in the saga of Whitey Bulger, we shall find it.

Affleck's increasing prominence behind the camera is slowly overwhelming his onscreen presence. Somewhere down the line, we might think of his as that director who started his career in acting, way back when. Still in the middling zone, Affleck is directing and costarring, beside Damon, in a film about Whitey Bulger, the Boston-area criminal/FBI informant.

But the GWH reunion doesn't cap off with Will and Chuckie; we're also getting a visit from Morgan—Affleck's brother (as he seems destined to be known forever, despite being the most incredible man in the world) Casey Affleck will also have a role in this upcoming film.

No one can really explain what Good Will Hunting means to them in a way that will translate effectively to someone else. Some might first watched it with their parents, and will always remember the familial warmth they all shared at the climactic "It's not your fault" scene. To others, perhaps, it's more of a love story—maybe one that reminds them of their own Skylars to whom they've had to say goodbye, for whatever painful reasons. I have my own reasons why the movie is significant to me. To anyone reading this, they are unimportant. What is important, and what is special, is that we will enjoy a reunion of three of the young men who brought our generation a special, unique film.

Perhaps the Whitey Bulger saga will not be as personal, as meaningful, as whatever-adjective-applies-best-toyour-particular-case-esque. But I suspect it will stir up something when we see the fellas back on the screen, in the South of Boston, together again.

Source: Deadline

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