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Exclusive Video: 'Bellflower's' Bumpy Road to Muscle Car Mayhem

Nov 08, 2011 | 6:31am EST

ALTBellflower is the perfect example of the doors the Sundance Film Festival opens for emerging filmmakers and audiences looking for innovative alternatives. When I caught the movie at last year's fest, I was blown away by the DIY indie, a movie that's one part relationship drama, one part post-apocalyptic fairy tale. No one could get away making this movie in Hollywood—but here they were, the cast and crew, presenting their finished film at the most prestigious of film festivals, embarking on a future that would include a distribution deal, national tour, theatrical release and, now, Blu-ray.

But no one begins the process knowing 100% the fate of the movie. In fact, before Sundance, writer/director/star Evan Glodell and the creatives behind the movie had pretty much given up hope on Bellflower ever seeing the light of day. In this exclusive clip from the Blu-ray extra "BLANK," Glodell and the crew dish on the pre-Sundance prospects of their film and how everything changed when they hit the fest circuit:


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