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The Adam Sandler Stupidity Scale

Nov 11, 2011 | 7:33am EST

In the world of big screen comedies, few have run the gamut of hi-brow to low-brow like Adam Sandler. Sony's $100 million man has made some of the best belly-busting laffers of the last twenty years - and some of the most inane, unintelligent ones as well. In his new movie Jack and Jill, he enters Eddie Murphy territory by taking on two characters at once, and the results are disastrous. But where does it stand in comparison to his earlier works? Surely it can't be as bad as Little Nicky, can it? Well, we've concocted a custom infographic to answer that very question. Behold the Adam Sandler Stupidity Scale, which ranks each and every one of his vehicles from smart to stupid and those that sit profitably in between. 

Let us know what you think, and if you've got gripes with the grades we've given a certain film, tell us!

Adam Sandler Stupidity Scale

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