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Sneak Peek: A Slew of Toe-Tapping 'Happy Feet Two' Clips

Nov 14, 2011 | 8:13am EST

Happy Feet TwoHappy Feet Two reaches theaters this Friday, Nov. 18. In the spirit of this musical winter upon us, we've compiled a group of clips from the upcoming sequel to the 2006 family favorite. Returning are stars like Elijah Wood and Robin Williams, but we've also got some surprising new stars in store, as you'll see in the below scenes.

The penguins of Happy Feet Two may be enamored by music, but not quite every member of the seafaring kingdom is. In the below clip, a pair of shrimp (Matt Damon and Brad Pitt...seriously) engage in a strenuous debate over the value of embracing the essence of melody. In short, one sings Wham!, the other grows hostile.

As in the human world, the penguin world is riddled with its share of lunatics. The one in question here: the Mighty Sven (Hank Azaria), who manages to sway an entire community of weak-willed arctic birds into believing his Tony Robbins-esque maxim.

Now that Happy Feet hero Mumble (Wood) is a father, it's up to him to instill the podiatric happiness into his son. Below, we see Mumble giving his young child his first dancing lesson, which really riles up the whole community.

"Rhythm Nation" is sweeping Antarctica (which is technically not a nation, but what are you gunna do?). While all of the penguins have embraced dancing along with singing, they're still not totally on board with Mumble getting in the vocular aspect of the music game.

It's a reunion for Mumble and his old pals, including Ramon (Williams) and his new love Carmen (Sofía Vergara), who seems particularly uninterested in him as a suitable mate. Nonetheless, spirits are high when the penguins reunite in the below clip.

It was inevitable. The final Happy Feet Two clip brings "fluffy" back as a bunch of young penguin chicks pay tribute to LL Cool J and Justin Timberlake alike in one musical number from which you just can't seem to look away. 

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