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UPDATE: Tom Cruise Agrees to Star in 'We Mortals Are'

Dec 01, 2011 | 6:42am EST

Tom CruiseUPDATE: The film is actually titled We Mortals Are, and is based on a Japanese sci-fi novel titled All You Need is Kill.

EARLIER: Remember Groundhog Day? The fun, upbeat Bill Murray comedy about a narcissistic man who learns the meanings of life, friendship and love after he is forced to relive the same day over and over and over again for about an hour and forty minutes of screen time? That movie was good. But you know what I always thought it needed? More alien murder.

All You Need is Kill, a film that has been bobbing around the realm of oblivion for quite some time now, takes Groundhog Day's trademark "one day ad infinitum" shtick, and places it upon the battlefields of an interplanetary war. The movie has had a good deal of trouble accelerating its development, but good news: Tom Cruise has decided to accept the role of the main character, the man who gets repeatedly killed/revived amid a treacherous alien blitzkrieg.

Nothing has been put into writing yet—Cruise has merely voiced his intention to take the role. The studio is already restructuring the main character for Cruise; initially, the hero was envisioned as a younger man. But it seems as though nobody is too broken up about changing things around, including director Doug Liman, who has been speaking with Cruise about the role for some time now.

So, it looks like things are right on track for All You Need is Kill. Development should be speeding along smoothly now. Unless, of course, we all wake up tomorrow, hear this same news, and realize that it's December 1st again...

Source: Variety

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