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Stephen Colbert Donned Ballet Shoes on 'The Colbert Report' For 'The Nutcracker'

Dec 08, 2011 | 6:34am EST

Colbert ballet nutcrackerSometimes, I grow weary of Stephen Colbert's hyper-conservative schtick over on The Colbert Report. It's not genuine like Jon Stewart's Daily Show persona, it's a caricature - a good caricature, but a cartoonish representation nonetheless. However, every once in a while, we get to see the real Colbert break through his pundit character. Sometimes, it happens when a joke calls for him to eat an Ewok. Sometimes it happens when he's just genuinely excited to meet a particular guest. And sometimes it happens when he's called upon to participate in a dance from The Nutcracker.

And in this holiday season, that last one is exactly what we got. Not only is the video a cute little gag, but it's pretty hilarious to see him try so darned hard to keep up with those professional dancers. He actually almost nailed those soutinous.

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"The Nutcracker" Ballet Performance
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