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Kim Tells Kris She Will Never Move To Minnesota On 'K&K Take New York'

Dec 12, 2011 | 5:58am EST

Last night on Kourtney & Kim Take New York, we watched as Kourtney was not important and Kim and Kris discussed when they were going to start a family. Initially, their conversations went well and they both agreed on a time for Kim to stop taking her birth control, and both of them were excited because they thought Kim was going to get pregnant immediately (even though studies show if a woman is on birth control for several months or years, it may take a while for her to get pregnant). But the problems begin when Kim and Kris are discussing where they would raise the children (they don't yet have), and it's a toss-up between Kris' hometown in Minnesota and Kim's hometown in Los Angeles. But then they started arguing about their careers again, and Kim pointed out (rightfully) that she would never be able to work if she lived in Minnesota. Kris then suggested she be more like her sister, Khloe and "slow down for her man," which (like evil), is an idea better off not seen or heard or spoken.

After Kim realized if she got pregnant Kris would bully her into not working, she began questioning her love for him. She met up with her friend and said thee reason she fell in love with Kris was because he respected her career of endorsing shoes and showing up to parties and creating perfumes, and she thought he would never demand that she give all that up when she became a mother. Then she returned home and Kris apologized to her for the way he acted, and said they obviously love each other and so they're obviously going to do what's best for their family. Kim just kind of sat in the tub and privately concluded to herself she was not going to stop taking her birth control (head over to Gawker to watch some video).


So yeah, this marriage was always doomed. Kim and Kris clearly didn't make sure their personal and professional goals were aligned before they got married, which means every aspect of their separate lives created friction in their relationship. Kourtney's boyfriend, Scott Disick, is probably feeling pretty great about himself right now because he may have punched a mirror in front of his infant son, but he would never think to demand Kourtney stop working.

Sources: AOL TV, Gawker

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