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Harlem Pastor blasts Jackson over TV coverage

Oct 26, 2001 | 12:15pm EDT

The senior pastor of Harlem's Canaan Baptist Church has chastised the Rev. Jesse Jackson for inviting television news crews into his church to cover a sermon despite an agreement not to do so.

An article by Peter J. Boyer due to appear in Monday's edition of the New Yorker claims that the Rev. Wyatt Tee Walker extracted a promise from Jackson to keep the service closed to the press and to show penance for fathering an illegitimate child.

Instead, the article said, the service was broadcast live and Jackson never mentioned the child.

In a letter to Jackson, excerpted by the New Yorker, Rev. Walker wrote: "Your addiction to the need of media attention seems to be fatal and you have fallen into the practice of using people for your advantage and personal aggrandizement."

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