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TV reviews: "24"

Nov 06, 2001 | 9:46am EST

Fox's drama 24, starring Kiefer Sutherland, debuts tonight with the best reviews of any new drama this season -- but is facing formidable competition from ABC's NYPD Blue.

Matthew Gilbert in the Boston Globe calls it "an innovative and expertly executed hour of suspense."

Howard Rosenberg in the Los Angeles Times describes it as "smashing."

"It's gripping from the get-go," comments Tom Shales in the Washington Post.

Linda Stasi in the New York Post bestows special praise on the series' lead, Sutherland. "He's so good, it's like he's not acting," she remarks.

John Corman in the San Francisco Chronicle also has nice words for Sutherland, while giving the show itself only so-so grades. "It's a pleasingly glossy production with a gimmick it doesn't really need and a star it couldn't afford to lose," he writes. (The gimmick: each hour of the 24-episode series comprises one "real-time" hour of the day.)

Antonia Zerbisias in the Toronto Star comments that when she first screened 24 back in August, she found it "slick and surprising" and wrote "Five Harrison Ford movies rolled into one TV series!" in her notes. But after the Sept. 11 attacks and the anthrax terrorism, the drama, she writes, now "seems trivial and simplistic."

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