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Santana Sings 'Santa Baby' in Deleted Scene from 'Glee' Christmas Episode

Dec 21, 2011 | 12:58pm EST

Glee's Christmas episode, "Extraordinary Merry Christmas", was filled with a good amount of holiday classics—"My Favorite Things," "Blue Christmas," "Christmas Wrapping"... but there was one notable piece of music missing: "Santa Baby." As it turns out, Glee filmed a scene wherein Santana regaled Finn, Fox's audiences, and all of the customers and employees at a Lima jewelry store with a rendition of the holiday classic.

In the scene below, Santana takes the opportunity to enamor everyone in sight with her musical prowess. We're not quite sure why the scene was cut, but all that is null and void. Enjoy the clip below, and get ready for Glee's return to Fox on January 17, in an episode with a very surprising, very famous guest star.


Source: TVLine

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