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Photos: First Look at Ricky Martin on The Set of 'Glee'

Jan 06, 2012 | 7:02am EST

It's happening. Ricky Martin is Livin' La Vida Lima (I couldn't resist, as terrible as that is); he's acutally guesting on Glee. And so are a million other celebs - what happened to getting back to basics, Ryan Murphy? Clearly, that's not happening, but at least these Twitter pics from the set of the Fox series look, well, gleeful.

Martin posed with the cast during his first day of shooting as McKinley's new - and probably more qualified - Spanish teacher. Seriously. When was the last time Schue actually spoke a Spanish word on this show? These photos come from both Martin's Twitter account and Lea Michele's. The actress is actually enjoying a bit of a reunion: "I've known Ricky since I'm 8 years old! He was in Les Mis on Broadway with me in 1996!" Ah, to be chums with Ricky Martin. What a life she must lead.

Enjoy the pics below and remember Glee returns to Fox Jan. 17 at 8 p.m.



Source: EW via ONTD

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